A member of the Missouri Motor Carrier’s Association, the American Trucking Associations, and licensed by the Federal Highway Administration, Standard Transportation Services, Inc. sets out to be the best in the business, and we’re doing it.

truck driver smilingRegulatory Status:

Federal Highway Administration

  • Licensed Property Broker MC-176765
  • Domestic Freight Forwarder FF-1261
  • Deregulated Freight Forwarder
  • Motor Contract Carrier MC-399477-P
  • Motor Common Carrier MC-399477-C


  • Motor Contract Carrier M-45785

white cargo truckKansas:

  • Motor Contract Carrier 142826


  • Motor Contract Carrier USDOT 926654

Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) STHS

Federal ID Number 43-1349249
Surety Bond Issued By:
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.
Bond #BD 7900606949


  • Billing. In all cases, Standard Transportation Services, Inc. will bill the shipper for the transportation charges. This will eliminate the problem of the shipper receiving statements from numerous carriers and the possibility of confusion.
  • Required Paperwork. Before we are able to process your freight bill for payment, we must have a copy of the signed bill of lading indicating proof of delivery, along with your freight invoice. Any freight bills that do not have the correct supporting documents will be returned for attachment of the correct paperwork.
  • Payment. Remittance will be made to the carrier within 30 days from the date of our receipt of the carrier’s freight bill and the accompanying proof of delivery. Carrier’s payment is guaranteed whether the shipper has paid Standard Transportation or not.
  • Advances. Driver advances are the responsibility of the carrier. Standard Transportation does not provide, nor are we set up to provide for driver advances.
  • Billing Mileage. Standard Transportation is a subscriber to PC Miler. All mileages quoted are figured utilizing this computerized system.
  • Rates. The rate which we quote to the carrier is the amount which will be payable to the truck. Our commission is collected from the shipper and is not deducted from the carrier’s revenue.

For other concerns and transportation inquiries, call us at 417-782-1990 for assistance.